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Red - Stern - Gun

June 2009




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Jun. 15th, 2009

Red - Stern - Gun

(no subject)

Mission accomplished, I guess.

I would love to practice with some more materia.

Jun. 10th, 2009

Red - Stern - Gun

[Locked to the President, Turks minus Elena // Unhackable]

Mr. President, sir. Elena has been on the move. But she's unresponsive to verbal communication. She is hostile. Sir, she retrieved something from her home at Sunde Thorn and left.

Awaiting orders, sir.

Jun. 9th, 2009

Red - Stern - Gun

(no subject)

Private to Reno // UnhackableCollapse )

Jun. 5th, 2009

Ana and Elena - Sisters


[Through out the recording, the sounds of Ana disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling her gun can be heard.]

When you think you've landed somewhere different but in some way better...

Private // Hackable to those who know her bestCollapse )

May. 28th, 2009

I Have Your Back

-//- 02 [Video]

[The recording starts...Ana's fingers obscuring the lens for a few moments as she props it up against a cup on the bedside table. She's dressed in only trousers and a white a-style (aka 'wife-beater') undershirt. Ana's cleaned up. There are a few bruises to her shoulders and the right side of her face. Ana looks thinner and older than she did when she left. Her box of Manhattan stuff in on the bed beside her. A brushy black tail is seen like a shark's dorsal fin as Shyama paces in the room before flopping down on the floor to nap.]

Shyama has found his way back to me. I was out on my usual run, but this time a walk. And he came up to me again. He seems to have been brooding. I guess he learned it from me.

[Ana reaches over and hits a button - Video ends, switches to privately locked mode]

Voice - Private to Elena // UnhackableCollapse )

Voice - Private to Dean // UnhackableCollapse )

Voice - Private // UnhackableCollapse )

May. 27th, 2009

Ana - Solemn Professional

-//- [Voice] 01

First, I need a firearm.

Second, is the bath house still in operation?

Thirdly, I...vaguely remember having left a box of supplies gathered from Manhattan.

Fourthly, Has anyone seen my direwolf?

May. 21st, 2009

Ana - Turks - BW

ooc - Ana 3.0

These are tentative plans until I have them cemented. I welcome input and ideas. I tend to lean over into the angst yard.

Where is Ana coming from and how?Collapse )

May. 18th, 2009

Ana - Turks - BW

(no subject)

Manhattan was fun while it lasted. I stocked up on essentials. I didn't find a helicopter. I would have loved to fly one of those.

Private to Dean // UnhackableCollapse )

Private // UnhackableCollapse )

May. 12th, 2009

Ana - Turks - BW

(no subject)

Laser tag. Sounds like fun. Besides, I need the practice.

Private // UnhackableCollapse )

May. 9th, 2009

Cheerful Happy - Yay!


This place is amazing. Wow.

[Sounds of shopping bags swishing as Ana is walking down a street. Shyama lets out a bark as someone gets too close to him.]

I thought I was lost in some area of this place called "Alphabet City", but someone gave me directions to find my way back here.

[Ana laughs.]

Some of these people just stare at me. I'm having trouble finding any weapon shops. But there are some good clubs - Marquee Night Club and Blue Note Jazz Club.

I may be late getting back to the hotel.

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